After 4 months of hard work.........we bring you Dapper

At the beginning of 2017, we decided it was time to put some rubber on the road and give the world a real taste of our music so, over these last few months, we've been clocking up the hours in the studio and are now delighted to present to you our debut album, simply titled "As...." 

This is the first collected works of Dapper and provides you with a peek at the versatility of our band and the diversity of the music we create together and, now, share with you lovely Dapper people. This collection provides a variety of material, ranging from anthemic rock tunes, filthy blues, funky summertime tunes and folkousticana (our own, dapper creation) and will appeal to a wide spectrum of musical tastes. 

As....will be available for download on iTunes, Spotify and all other music vehicles by mid July. As a taster, The Fender Song is already available on iTunes as a standalone "single" - go buy it!

Our hope is that this debut release will whet the appetite of the Dapper-world and have you accompany us on this journey towards creating and releasing more material for you, just as fast as we can produce it.

As to our material pipeline, we are already in advanced recording stages of our second album, which will feature even more of the same type of Dapperdocious tracks which you will find on As...

Keep loving each other.....