Gary and Mike Dapper Union 201818ajpg

Gaz (Gary White) and Dave (Mike Macdonald) began playing music together almost 20 years ago, with the Scottish rock combo, Gandhi's Slipper, before sensibly deciding to embark on their respective, more conventional career paths which, unfortunately took them to opposite ends of the UK. Over the years, however, they remained closely connected through friendship and a profound love of creating and playing music together. 

With the advancement, in recent years, of digital studio technology and IT enabled communication
and sharing,  the two began sharing their songs ideas and crafting some of those songs ideas into what you hear today and, as such, Dapper was born.

The name, Dapper, may not perfectly describe Gary or Mike (well, it does, but  no-one likes a big head) but it does capture the masculine sophistication and elegance that is both aspirational and inspirational to the band. We may not be macho, but we are Dapper