Dapper Dos... 
Our much anticipated second album, is OUT NOW!!!
Have a listen and buy it now on bandcamp or Spotify

Also check out our debut album 

Dapper As...

Get it right here on bandcamp or Spotify and check out the promo video shot on location in Madrid.

Dapper is a classic band for the modern age.
Dapper’s sound hails from music of blues-influence:
Santana, Alman Brothers, Robert Cray are all common comparisons.
The lyrics and melodies bring Dapper right up to the minute and
pushing the boundaries, finding new ground and demanding to be listened to.

We are a truly International band
Members from far and wide now live between Madrid and Glasgow.
Recording sessions happen over the wire, over the internet or over a long weekend.

Our first album Dapper As.... was released in 2017.

It met with critical acclaim, if not chart-topping sales.
We played several successful shows in the UK and Spain in 2018.

Dapper Dos, our newest album, was finished and released in June 2019.
This fresh offering is available now from all good digital retailers,
from our website, and on all digital platforms.

Search for The Dapper Band if you have any problems finding Dapper directly
(It seems that some frightful cads may have been using our lovely name).